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On this page you can see information about our company, know the products and keep up with our promotions, "From Sea" is at your service.

Welcome to our site


We always guide ourselves in the best possible way, doing everything in a timely manner.


Giving the best service to our customers, always with a smile on their face.


Always keeping updated to provide new dishes, commitment to customers.

Internet applications


As a requirement, we have to create a microenterprise with the knowledge acquired throughout our stay in the Baccalaureate, this company has to have certain points, and one of them is the development of a business website, which should be mounted in the web. This page is from our business and we were able to do it thanks to the classes we had in Internet Applications, as well as a template we found on the internet. We hope you like it, go through all the windows and come to enjoy seafood by our side, thank you.